Monday, 10 June 2013

Maintaining Your Reputation

A recurring theme I come across when talking to tradesmen about business is the lack of willingness to advertise.

Many tradies have spent thousands of dollars on major media portals such as the yellow pages and newspapers with limited success and are unwilling to venture back into advertising.

A general consensus is that while the phone is ringing they are busy, and as long as it doesn't stop, money does not need to be spent on marketing.

What is often not taken into consideration is that reputation is playing a part in keeping your phone ringing and like a building without maintenance, your reputation can fall into disrepair.
Social media tools can be used to keep in contact with customers, expand your network and provide a rich database of reviews of your work.  It does not have to cost you thousands.

Running your own business takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and commitment and tradies will often state how they simply do not have enough time in the day to manage a Facebook page, send a tweet or update their google+ page.  

How long does it take to snap a picture at work of your latest project or ask a customer to give you a like or leave a comment on your business page?  If you can do any of these things then you are already on your way to looking after your customer base and maintaining your reputation.


  1. Good advice but, keep in mind it's a 'slow-burn' process building up your 'online fan base'. We've kept at it and starting to see the results. mostly through our Sydney focused blog that covers everything electrical helping lots of people.

    See it here for inspiration:

  2. Very true in most counts. I especially find it both difficult and important to find the time to update my facebook pages and blog, as I feel it keeps both my businesses real and fan/client focused.

    Advertising though, in the conventional sense, is just not worth the money in a small town such as where I live and operate. Word of mouth for my Handyman business does the job ten times over and for free! All you have to do to get that service form your clients is do right by them and have respect. Works every time.

    Just wish I could get the same thing going for my book writing career...