Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Improving your Online Presence

Most businesses now have an online presence whether they like it or not.  Searching for your business name will bring up a myriad of directory sites all listing your credentials.

If you want to truly harness the power of Internet marketing you need to be proactive in keeping information accurate.

Think you don't need to worry about Internet advertising?  Think again!

Almost all searches done on the Internet are to pre-qualify a business before calling them.

Customers are already reviewing your business online, you can either ignore them or take control and use social marketing to your advantage.

Practical Ways to Improve your Online Presence

Search for your company name and see which directories you appear in.

If the directory offers a free listing and looks like a reputable website, claim your listing and update your information. When a customer leaves a review you will now be informed and can act quickly if the review is not favourable.

Set up a free Google+ page, your business will then appear to the right of the page on a search.  Add your logo and customise your page to make it more personal.  If you don't have a logo, take a photo of yourself or your employees.

Start a business page on Facebook and/or Twitter.  Customers that search for your business and have multiple avenues to research are much more likely to pick up the phone and call you.

Actively engage with your customers on the job and ask them to review your work.  Anyone in the Property Industry can review you on  The more reviews and comments you generate will greatly enhance your reputation.

Implement a review system on your website if you have one.

Engage with your customers when they leave reviews on your website or on Facebook and provide feedback.

Directories are full of one hit wonder reviews (usually written by the business themselves).  Customers are savvy to this and their eyes will glaze over when reading them.  Actively seek out reviews on every job.  Not only will you get honest opinions about your work you will gain valuable insight into your business model and greatly improve your chances of referral.

Need help?  Send us an email or give us a call and start optimising your online presence today.

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