Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Upgrades almost done!

We are happy to announce that upgrades to the site are almost complete.

A whole heap of new features are being rolled out and should be complete by early July. 

Some of the Features:
  • Details page for all listings levels, including Free listings!
  • New Summary Details design making it easier for customers to click on your listing.
  • Tabs in the Details pages removed and an improved design to showcase features.
  • Scroll bars for pictures, videos (3), and preferred suppliers/membership logos.
  • Improved Claim Listing page and Advertise with Us page
  • Customised Social buttons for every detail page
  • Review score posted on every details page
  • Improved website SEO means your reviews will get seen on search engines

We are extremely excited about these new roll-outs and believe they will enhance the usability of the site.

What's the catch?  The catch is that these improvements are not cheap and as a result the prices of paid listings will be increasing.  

Don't worry, if you have already claimed your listing before 1 July any upgrade in your plan will be charged at the old rate, and of course the Free listings will remain forever Free!

Simply send us an email with your details and we'll sort it all out for you.

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